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Tracking them down
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Nebraska State Junior Olympic Championship Meet -On The Watch (2017)
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Tracking them down
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Welcome Alumni! If you see your name below or were a member of the "Breeze" TC, let us know what you are doing. You can write in to our guest book on our website or get in touch with Coach Bryan & Deirdre McKinley at 602 Bellevue Blvd. North, Bellevue NE 68005 or send an email photo to .  The "Breeze" family truely would like to know how our alumni is doing. God bless you all!
Thanks for signing the guestbook Cecil Evans, Micky Kaufmann, Andy Mahan, Nakia Purvis. We want to hear from our  Breeze alumni.


Ja'Nae Mosely: (Bell. East) Drake University IA graduate
Des Moines Iowa

Delana Hanes: (Bell. West)-School teacher

Chequetta Bearfield: (Burke) University of Illinois graduate
Working for Gill Athletics (2005)

Chenel Sanders: (O. North) Dana College graduate, NE
Teaching in Atlanta Georgia, 2010

Bonnie Lathan: (O. North)
Nurse Omaha NE (2010)

Sylvia Portia: (Burke) Morningside University SD
Working for Omaha Housing Authority (2005)

Reisha Vanterpool: (Central) Illinois School of Arts graduate

Yashika Conner: (Northwest) Navy

Tinisia LeQuillow: (Bellevue West)
University of Nebraska graduate (Omaha)

Kristen Bennett: (Bell. West) Tennessee State Univ.

Heidi Cunningham: (Bell. West) Morningside Univ.

Jennifer Hansen: (Burke)

Jonisa McGlown: (Bell. West) University of Nebraska  graduate (Lincoln)
Officer in the United States Military (2005)

Kim Bowden: (Bell. West)

Jasmine Brown: (Bell. West): University of Nebraska (Omaha)

Rochelle Gordon: (O. North): University of Nebraska (Omaha) graduate

Carly Seeba (Bell. West): University of Nebraska at Kearney

Sarah Mitchell (O. North)-School teacher in Kansas

Regina & Nakia Purvis (moved to Oklahoma)

Shasta Fields (Bell. West)

Miranda Manns (Bellevue West)

Marietta Harrison (Bellevue West)

Cassie Sherlock

Angelique McNeal
University of Indianapolis
2010 Junior


Robert Rands
UNL Graduate
Graduate School at UNL
Asst. Coach Breeze TC

Patrick Burke(Bellevue West)
UNL Graduate

Ryan Finley
Omaha North High School
Univ. South Dakota Graduate (2003)
B.S. Recreation & Coaching (2006)
M.A. Athletic Administration
Currenty working at Kellom Elementary
Coaching at Omaha North High School

Darryl Proctor: (Bell. West)

Dorseth Thomas: (Bell. West) Dana College NE
Somewhere in Texas

Matt Evers: United States Marine Corp

Ben Holkeboer-United States Marine Corp

Jermy Rone: (Bell. West) Jackson State University MS
Teaching High School in OPS
Coaching track at Millard South in Omaha

Greg Filer: (Bell. East) Iowa State

David Coley: (Bell. West) Univ. of  South Dakota graduate

Derrick Lane: (Bell. West) United States Army

Lonell Cooper: (Bell. West)

Wayne Reynolds II: (Central) University of South Dakota graduate

Vincent Harmon: (Bell. West)
Working in Kansas City Kansas

Michael Washington (Ran for Reebok TC)

Brian Artis: (Bell West)

Andy Mahan: (Bell. West)
US Navy (Japan)

David Rogers: (Bell. West) Wayne State
Physical Therapist (Boston Mass)

Cecil Evans: (Central) Iona University IA

Kendrick Clay: (Central)

Phillip Rocha: (Bell. West) University of South Dakota

Mickey Kaufman: (Bell. East) William & Mary Univ.
Head Cross Country Coach at Marryville University

Adam Plageman: (Bell. East) Concordia University

Brian Franzoni: (Bell. East) Kansas State

Jeff Duckworth: (Bell. West)

Kyle Sanders (Bell. East)
Tuscon, Arizona
University of Arizona graduate
Studying Medicine